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Facial Toners

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Face Toners at Walgreens

If you're on a mission to promote a healthy complexion, it's time to get started on a complete skin care regimen. A full beauty routine for the facial skin includes more than just a cleanser and a moisturizer. Toning is an essential but often overlooked part of a full regimen for the complexion. Walgreens can help you find the best toner for your skin care needs with a large selection of products. We have options available for every skin type and give you the freedom to shop online at any time or pick up the perfect toner at our local Walgreens stores.

Balancing Your Skin's pH

Healthy skin requires a balanced pH in order to maintain good health and resist common skin issues such as dryness and irritation. Toners are designed to balance the pH of the skin following cleansing.

Other Benefits

Toners offer other benefits beyond regulating the pH levels of your skin. Applying a toner can help prime your skin for other skin care products such as treatments. This improves the absorption of ingredients and can boost the effectiveness of your entire regimen. Astringent toners can help with oily skin and enlarged pores.

Choosing the Right Toner

There are a number of things to consider when shopping for a toner. First, look for a product that matches your skin type. Astringents are typically recommended for oily skin, while alcohol-free toners are often considered better for drier complexions. You can also find toners for combination and sensitive skin types. Once you have focused on the products that are the right fit for your skin, you can compare their ingredients and benefits by reading the product descriptions. Some formulas contain ingredients that address certain dermatological concerns, such as blemishes, dullness and signs of aging. Lastly, you can compare forms. Most toners are liquids that are applied with a cotton pad or ball; however, some brands also offer pre-moistened pads, wipes and sprays.

Creating a Complete Regimen

While toners offer many benefits for the complexion, they cannot promote a healthy complexion all on their own. For best results, you should use a toner as a part of a complete skin care regimen. You can begin your regimen with a cleanser formulated for your specific skin type. Then, apply your toner. Follow with treatment products for any skin care concerns that you have and then finish with a moisturizer intended for your skin type. Consistently repeating your regimen once in the morning and once in the evening can go a long way toward promoting a radiant complexion.