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Women's Deodorant and Antiperspirant at Walgreens

You can't make the best possible first impression if you're worried about sweat. That's why it's important to choose underarm protection that you can count on to keep you feeling dry and fresh throughout the day. Whether you're looking for a new product to try or want to stock up on a favorite, Walgreens makes it easy to shop for underarm protection for women. We've arranged all of our deodorants and antiperspirants for women in this product selection for quick browsing. You can explore the entire selection or narrow down the options to see what's available for you to purchase online and in stores.

Promoting Fresher Skin

The underarm area is prone to heavy perspiration and is often the source of body odors. Deodorant underarm protection is formulated to address body odor. These products contain ingredients that reduce odors to keep you smelling and feeling fresh. In addition, many products leave behind an appealing fragrance.

Wetness ProtectionM

Wetness is another common problem that affects the underarm area. Heavy sweating can lead to uncomfortable feelings of dampness under the arms and cause clothing to become visibly wet and even stained. To address this problem, you can use an antiperspirant underarm protection product. Antiperspirants contain ingredients that minimize the amount of sweat released from the pores. As a result, they promote drier skin. Some formulas in this product selection act only as deodorants or antiperspirants. For complete protection against body odors and wetness, you can opt for a combination product that includes both deodorant and antiperspirant ingredients.

Selecting the Right Formula

To start shopping for underarm protection for women, begin by focusing on deodorants, antiperspirants or combination products. Then, you can narrow down the options further by form. Women's underarm protection products come in a number of different forms.

  • Sprays are applied using a spritz or aerosol bottle and dry rapidly after application. If you prefer to apply your underarm protection directly to your skin, there are alternatives to sprays available, including solids, gels and roll-ons.
  • Solids have a cream consistency and typically leave behind white residue on the skin.
  • Gels are wetter and are often clear, making them ideal for women concerned about avoiding residue on clothing.
  • Roll-ons are liquids that dry upon application and leave behind a thin barrier on the skin.

Other Product Considerations

Depending on your needs, a specialty underarm protection product may be ideal for you.

  • Clinical strength products are available for women who still experience body odor or wetness when using conventional deodorant and antiperspirant.
  • Hypoallergenic deodorants and antiperspirants feature gentle ingredients that are less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Often, these products are unscented.
  • No matter what type of underarm protection you're choosing, you'll also want to consider the fragrance options, selecting one that is pleasing to you.