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Fragrance Gift Sets at Walgreens

Colognes and perfumes make great gifts for the special people in your life. Recently, many manufacturers have begun producing fragrance gift sets that give your recipient a wide array of products carrying their favorite scent. Walgreens Fragrance Gift Sets have a vast assortment of unique scents that makes a thoughtful present for that special someone. Fragrance Gift Sets often include an assortment of scented products such as body sprays, bath wash, and hand lotions.

Popular Gift Set Products

Most fragrance gift sets contain several different products that all have the same signature aroma. These sets often include a selection of options such as cologne/perfume, body sprays, lotion, aftershave, and deodorant. It's important that both you and your gift recipient understand the purposes and differences between some of these common items so that they get used correctly.

The Basics of Fragrance

Perfumes and colognes tend to be packaged in smaller bottles, as they are extremely concentrated. You can apply a few sprays of these products to key areas like your neck, wrists, or elbows, and the natural oils within them will mix with the chemicals on your skin to give you a unique and individual scent. Many people choose to wear these fragrances all day. Body sprays, on the other hand, are far less concentrated and tend to be alcohol-based rather than being rich in natural oils. These products are often sprayed all over your body to give you a shorter burst of a specific scent, which tends to fade much more quickly than perfumes and colognes.

Scented Dual Purpose Products

Certain scented skin care products, like lotions, aftershave, and deodorant, all serve dual purposes. In addition to carrying your favorite fragrance, they also fill the role of other products that you likely use in your daily routine. Lotions, for instance, moisturize and heal dry skin in addition to making your hands, arms, or face carry your distinct aroma. Aftershaves can heal nicks and razor burns immediately following hair removal, and deodorants help mask odor in addition to replacing it with a more pleasing scent. All of these options can be used individually or combined, depending on how much of your particular fragrance you want to give off at any time.

Whether as a present to your friend or significant other - or even just a treat for yourself - fragrance gift sets are both thoughtful and useful. Browse the selection of Fragrance Gift Set Products for both men and women that are available from Walgreens, and you can easily find the right gift for anyone.