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Fragranced Skin and Body Care at Walgreens

You simply can't underestimate the power of scent. The way that you smell has an impact on your mood and can give you a confidence boost at work and in social settings. Plus, fragrance helps to make a lasting impression on those around you. Whether you're looking for a scent for a special occasion or a fragrance to wear every day, Walgreens has you covered. We stock a large selection of fragranced skin care and body products with options for both men and women. You can check out our selection and order online or visit your local Walgreens store to see what's currently available.

Understanding Types of Perfume and Cologne

When shopping for fragrance, it's important to understand the differences between various types of perfume and cologne.

  • Eau de parfum products have the strongest scents with the greatest staying power, as they contain the highest concentration of fragrance.
  • For something lighter but still relatively long lasting, you can choose an eau de toilette, which is less concentrated.
  • Body sprays have the lightest scents and are ideal for those who prefer just a subtle touch of fragrance.

Keep in mind that hot, humid conditions make fragrance more intense. As a result, you may find that you prefer an eau de parfum for winter and an eau de toilette or body spray for summer.

Skin Care Formulas With Fragrance

Some fragranced products provide skin care benefits while also leaving behind a pleasant scent. Body lotions provide hydrating benefits to address signs of dryness and soften skin. After shave for men contains ingredients that tighten and purify the pores to decrease the risk of ingrown hairs from shaving. In addition, after shave can ease inflammation due to razor burn. You can also find bubble bath and shower gels with fragrance added to bring a pleasing scent to your bathing ritual.

Luxurious Scented Body Powders

Another way to enhance your appeal with fragrance is with body powders. These scented products are typically dusted on with a brush or powder puff. Once applied to the skin, the powder forms a light coating that absorbs perspiration. By controlling wetness, body powders can also reduce body odor, promoting fresher skin throughout the day. Plus, body powder reduces friction to cut down on the risk of chafing in sensitive areas like in skin folds and along the insides of the thighs.

Selecting the Right Product

To find the perfect fragranced skin or body care product, start by deciding which type of formula you prefer. You can narrow down the options by type quickly using the menu. Many products feature scents that appeal specifically to men or women, while others have unisex scents that are ideal for everyone. Click on any product to access its description and find out more about its specific fragrance and what benefits it has to offer. You may also want to consider the sizes of the products available. For travel or testing out a new product, you may prefer a smaller supply.