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Grab Bars at Walgreens

Using the bathroom can be a hazardous activity, especially if you are getting older or have mobility issues. In order to reduce the risk of falls and make it easier to use the shower, bath, and toilet, you may need the assistance of one or more grab bars installed in your home. Walgreens has a wide selection of products specifically designed to keep you safe in the bathroom. Easy to install and to use, these devices have the potential to be real life savers.

The Importance of Bathroom Fall Prevention

Out of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous. Studies have shown that many Americans sustain injuries in their bathrooms every year, and a majority of those injuries are caused by falling. Understandably, most bathroom-related injuries happen in the bath or shower--after all, a slippery floor can easily spell disaster if you find yourself on unsure footing. While seniors 65 and older tend to be more prone to bathroom falls, many people with mobility issues are also at risk. For this reason, it's important to have some sort of grab bar installed in the shower and around the toilet area to help reduce the risk of falls. Walgreens has a wide selection of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal grab bars that are specifically designed for fall protection.

Using Grab Bars for Mobility Issues

Individuals with disabilities and mobility issues often find that grab bars situated around the toilet, tub, and/or shower can give them the freedom to safely use the bathroom without assistance. Devices that can be placed around your toilet include side or rear-mounted grab bars attached to the wall, floor-mounted bars, and freestanding grab bars that allow you to easily lower yourself onto or raise yourself off of the toilet seat. Horizontal grab bars in the bathtub make it easier for you to stand up, while safety rails that can be mounted on the side of the tub allow you to get in and out without worrying about falling. In the shower, you might pair a vertical or diagonal grab bar with a shower seat, or simply use these devices for added support if you have trouble standing for too long without assistance.

Grab Bar Installation Tips

Installing your grab bars correctly is as important as choosing the right devices in the first place. If the bar is intended to support someone with mobility issues, you need to involve that person during installation to make sure that everything is at the right height. Grab bars are usually installed either by screwing them into the wall or by using included suction cups to attach them. If you choose a grab bar that needs to be screwed in, you may want to hire a professional to ensure proper installation. If you choose to do it yourself, however, make sure never to anchor your grab bar in drywall. You need to screw it into your wall studs in order to prevent serious injury from the device coming loose. Grab bars with suction cups are typically easier to install properly on your own, but you still need to closely follow the manufacturer's instructions.

You shouldn't have to put your safety at risk in order to perform simple tasks in the bathroom. The grab bars available from Walgreens can easily make your home safer for everyone who lives there.

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