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Hair & Scalp Treatments

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Hair and Scalp Treatments at Walgreens

Hair loss and thinning is a common problem that affects many men and women. Because thinning and hair loss can have a number of causes, it's best to consult a doctor for a diagnosis before attempting to address the problem at home. Once you understand the issues behind thinning or hair loss, Walgreens can help you find the right hair care products to promote healthy growth and make your hair look thicker and fuller. We have a diverse assortment of treatments, styling aids and other hair loss products available for you to shop online and in stores.

Promoting Regrowth With Minoxidil

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved over-the-counter medication minoxidil is found in some hair loss treatments. Minoxidil treatments are applied directly to the scalp in order to slow the progression of hair loss and encourage regrowth. These products come in liquids and foam forms and are available in strengths for men and women. Typically, once you begin using minoxidil, you must continue to apply the product daily to maintain results.

Natural Regrowth Solutions

If you prefer to take a natural approach to addressing hair loss, you can find a number of hair regrowth treatments without minoxidil at Walgreens. Many of these products contain herbs that have long been used to address thinning and hair loss. Formulas may also contain nutrients that support healthy growth like biotin. It's important to keep in mind that research into alternative interventions for hair loss and thinning is ongoing. At this time, there is not enough evidence to prove that any natural treatment is effective.

Products That Perform Double Duty

Don't want to add an extra step to your hair care regimen? Multitasking hair regrowth and thickening products could be an ideal solution. You can find a number of hair care products that contain ingredients believed to support healthy growth or thicken hair. Regrowth shampoos and conditioners can address thinning hair while you cleanse and condition, while styling aids can help you improve manageability and hold while treating you to beneficial ingredients.

Solutions for Instant Thickening

Even the most effective hair regrowth and thickening products can't produce results over night. In order to see promote thicker hair, you'll need to use any product as directed by the manufacturer or your health care professional over time. While you wait to notice results, you can improve your appearance right away with thickening fibers. These products are small hair-like filaments that you either spray or dust onto your hair. The fibers stick to existing growth to create the illusion of thicker hair and cover thin spots.

Encouraging Healthy Growth From Within

In addition to topical products, there are a number of dietary supplements available. Some of these supplements contain nutrients like biotin. Some products also feature herbal ingredients. Before taking any new dietary supplement, its important to consult your doctor.