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Hand Moisturizers

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Hand Moisturizing Products at Walgreens

All day long, your hands are exposed to the elements. Regular hand washing and various tasks can take a toll on your skin, leaving your hands dry, raw or callused. Fortunately, you can take steps to pamper, soothe and protect your hands with the right bath and body products. At Walgreens, you'll find a diverse assortment of formulas that moisturize the hands and fingers to promote healthy skin. You can shop our selection of hand moisturizers online and have your order delivered to your home or stop into your nearest store to purchase a product today.

The Importance of Moisturizing

Moisture is essential for healthy skin. Without hydration, skin becomes parched, making it tight and uncomfortable. Dryness can also lead to itching, flakiness and cracking. Using a hand moisturizer regularly can address these symptoms by restoring moisture. Plus, hand moisturizer can reduce the risk of these problems reoccurring in the future. Typically, you should apply hand moisturizer at least once per day. For dry skin, you may need to use a moisturizer each time you wash your hands.

Considering Your Skin Type

Hand moisturizer is beneficial for all types of skin, but it's important that you choose a formula that is ideal for your specific needs. If you have parched skin, look for a moisturizer formulated for dry skin. For hands that are prone to irritation, a moisturizer with a skin protectant that seals in moisture and creates a protective barrier over the skin is an ideal solution. Those who have sensitive skin will typically benefit most from hypoallergenic formulas that are made with gentle ingredients. There are even hand moisturizers available for people with eczema and psoriasis.

Comparing Packaging and Formulas

As you compare hand moisturizers, pay attention to both the formula type and packaging. Ointments and heavy creams often come in tubs. These types of hand moisturizers provide intensive hydrating benefits for dehydrated skin. Lotions have a lighter consistency and often come in pump bottles that simplify application. Some hand moisturizers are available in more than one size. A small bottle or tub may be more convenient for traveling, while a larger package may provide a more cost-effective supply.

Formulas with Added Benefits

Some hand moisturizers do more than just hydrate the skin. Healing moisturizers contain ingredients that stimulate skin repair, helping the hands recover from chapping and cracking. Some moisturizers contain soothing ingredients that reduce swelling, itching and burning. Anti-aging hand moisturizers often feature antioxidant ingredients that fight free radicals in the environment that contribute to aging. If you'll be spending time outdoors, you may want to apply a hand moisturizer with SPF sunscreen protection to shield your hands from the effects of ultraviolet (UV) energy. Hand and nail moisturizers hydrate and condition the fingernails and cuticles as well as the skin on the hands and fingers.