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Heart Rate Monitors at Walgreens

Are you getting the most out of your workouts? A heart rate monitor tells you at a glance whether you're exercising hard enough to get cardiovascular benefits. Some heart rate monitors let you plug in your heart rate goals and alert you with an alarm when you fall below or above your target heart rate. Some give additional information like how many calories you're burning. They are great for fine-tuning your workout and monitoring your fitness progress.

Types of Heart Rate Monitors

Some heart rate monitors attach to your wrist like a wristwatch. These comfortable and easy-to-wear monitors give you continuous heart rate feedback as you work out or participate in sports. Standard wrist heart rate monitors include features like a daily reminder alarm and a high-low heart rate alarm that goes off when you're exercising outside of your target heart rate zone. Some models also track calories burned and can determine your optimal heart rate training zone based on your age and goals. This ensures you're exercising at a high enough intensity. It also lets you know if you're working out at an intensity that's too high for your current fitness level. You have the option of setting your own training zone with some models. Certain models also let you see how hard you're working based on your heart rate.

Cycling Monitors

Do you work out on an exercise cycle or bike? A cycling computer heart rate monitor is designed to track your training and maximize the benefits you get from each cycling workout. This handy training device records your heart rate along with your pedaling rate and current, average and maximum speed. It also tells you how many calories you expended during your current session and past sessions. You can even connect it to a personal online training diary to track your training over time. The head unit of the monitor mounts easily to the stem or bars of your bike. Taking if off is easy once you've finished.

Heart Rate Monitors for Women

Special heart rate monitors for women are available. These easy-to-use monitors track heart rate during exercise without using a chest strap. Because they require no chest strap, you can wear them all day long to see how your heart rate changes throughout the day. During a workout they give you heart rate readings as well as the percentage of your maximum heart rate based on your gender and age.

High Tech Heart Monitors

Want a monitor that communicates with other devices? Transfer your heart rate data wirelessly to your chosen device using Bluetooth smart heart rate chest strap. Just put on the comfortable chest strap before exercising. As you work out it monitors your heart rate and sends the data wirelessly to your iPad, iPod, Android or iPhone. The chest band, made of flexible fabric, is designed for maximum comfort so you can focus on working out.

Looking for an inexpensive way to monitor your heart rate and daily steps? A health wellness monitor gives you this information without a chest strap. It also functions as a watch. Wear it all day long to monitor your heart rate and the number of steps you take.

Heart Rate Monitors Are Good Motivational Tools

Knowing your heart rate and calories you're expending during a workout helps you fine tune your workout for better results. It also helps with motivation. Use it to get in better shape and enjoy your workout more!

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