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Pediatric Walkers

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Pediatric Walkers at Walgreens

Pediatric walkers offer added support and stability for kids with temporary or permanent problems balancing or walking. Walkers offer more freedom and mobility to kids that need added assistance getting around. Walkers for children come in a variety of styles. Some offer greater support around the pelvis for kids that have problems standing unassisted. Some have added features like bright colors that make them more appealing for kids. Most can be adjusted to conform to a child's height.

Types of Pediatric Walkers

Rehab glider walkers in a junior size offer support and stability for children of various heights and sizes. The legs and handles of this durable walker are made of sturdy aluminum and can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of an individual child's height and build. These walkers support up to 175 pounds of weight safely and have a wide base for greater stability and safety.

Folding lightweight walkers in a junior size are ideal for children on the go. These foldable, easy-to-store walkers are the perfect solution for travel. They're available with skid resistant rubber tips for added support and traction against all surfaces. They're also available with three inch wheels for greater mobility. When you're ready to travel, they fold to a width of four inches for easy transport and storage.

Gait trainers are mobility devices with attached wheels. These devices help children with limited walking ability improve their walking skills. They also help kids who have been injured relearn to walk. Gait trainers are available that can be used in the anterior and posterior position. The directional lever on these trainers allow either forward and reverse mobility or only forward mobility, depending on the needs of the user. They're fully adjustable in height and have locking brakes that hold the trainer in place. Adjustments can be made to prevent the wheels from swiveling for added safety. Kids can choose from a number of sporty, bright colors to personalize their trainer and make it their own.

Posterior gait trainers offer added support for kids that have limited gait skills or difficulty standing on their own. They have added features like a seat harness for added safety. Plus, they're designed for extra support of the trunk and pelvis. Ankle prompts help to keep ankles from crossing over one another while walking. Most posterior gait trainers offer forward mobility only and have wheels that can be locked to prevent swiveling. Posterior gait trainers vary in the features they offer. Read the description carefully to get a full list of safety features for each model. If you have questions about which one is right for your child, talk to your child's pediatrician or medical health care provider.

As you can see there are a variety of walkers available to give your child greater mobility. These mobility aids help your child get around safely while helping to improve their balance and walking skills. They also keep kids active, giving them the exercise they need to stay healthy. Kids with walkers generally enjoy greater freedom and independence too.

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