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Lift Chair Accessories

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Lift Chair Accessories at Walgreens

The thought of sinking into your chair without being able to easily get up can be terrifying for people with certain disabilities that cause muscle weakness or limited movement. Luckily, lift chairs are designed to help you stand up without putting unnecessary strain on your muscles. Walgreens has a wide selection of accessories to complement your lift chair as well as a number of tools to help achieve the same benefits of a lift chair without making a big investment.

How Does a Lift Chair Work?

For individuals with weakness or medical injuries affecting your feet, legs, hips, or back, a lift chair can be an invaluable investment. This is because of the way it helps you stand without needing to put undue strain on your delicate muscles and joints. These powered chairs operate similarly to a standard recliner. However, in addition to the backrest leaning backwards, the entire chair can also tip forward and upward to help lift you into a standing position. People will often use a lift chair as their primary piece of household furniture, and you may even decide to sleep in it.

Accessorize Your Lift Chair

To make your chair more functional, you can choose a variety of accessories such as cup holders, seat cushions, and tray tables. They can all help make you more comfortable as you use your lift chair throughout the day.

Lift Chair Alternatives

If your mobility issues aren't severe enough to warrant a lift chair (or if you simply can't afford one), there are a number of accessories you can use to modify different types of chairs. This way you can get some of the same benefits. Ottomans can be paired with regular chairs to help lift your legs and improve your circulation. This can somewhat mimic the reclining action of a powered chair.

The lifting mechanism is the number one reason why individuals typically consider investing in a lift chair. However, you can rely on accessories like chair risers and lifting cushions to help prevent you from sinking into your chair without being able to get back up. Risers tilt your chair slightly forward from its back feet so that you can more easily achieve the momentum needed to stand up. A lifting cushion does some of the work for you by pushing you up out of your chair from underneath.

Lift Chair Storage Accessories

One of the main benefits of a lift chair (or a similarly modified piece of furniture) is that it limits how often you need to stand up. You'll be able to make even better use of your chair if you are easily able to access the things you need--from blankets to medications to snacks--without needing to move from your chair. Walgreens has several storage accessories that are easy to access from your lift chair. The ottomans that support your feet, for instance, can also be used for storing large items. Alternatively, you can find a selection of mobility handbags that can easily attach to the lever or armrest of your chair before being seamlessly moved to your walker, wheelchair, or any other assistive devices that you use to get around.

Whether you opt for a dedicated lift chair or want to modify a standard chair, Walgreens has all the accessories you'll need to make your life a little easier.

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