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Lip Treatments at Walgreens

Make sure to take great care of your lips with Walgreens Lip Care selection. Help protect the thin, delicate skin that covers your lips and is prone to drying and cracking by applying a nourishing treatment that shields your lips from the environment. Our selection of lip balms, chapticks and lip treatments can help your lips stay softer and healthier in the summer heat and brutal winter winds.

Why Your Lips Need Added Protection

Your lips lack the protection that is found on other areas of skin. They cannot produce the natural protective oils that lubricate your skin, preventing it from drying out when it is exposed to the elements. It may be tempting to lick your lips when they become dry. However, this can make the situation worse. When saliva evaporates from your lips it has a drying effect that can lead to chapping and flaking.

By smoothing on a beauty lip treatment that is rich in hydrating oils, you can protect and nourish your lips. Lip balm can also provide a shield that prevents the sun or wind from removing further moisture from your lips. Used regularly throughout the day, lip balm can help lips remain supple and soft. Many lip balm can be used under makeup.

Sun Protection

Because they do not contain the protective pigment melanin, your lips are vulnerable to sun burn when they are exposed to UV rays. If you know that your lips will be exposed to the sun, smooth on a lip balm with sunscreen that has a high sun protection factor (SPF) before you go outdoors. Walgreens offers lip treatments with a range of SPFs. A lower SPF rating may be sufficient for everyday use, when your lips are exposed to the sun for short periods. However, if you are planning a tropical vacation or plan to participate in outdoor sports, you should opt for a higher SPF.

Stick, Tube or Pot

Lip treatments come in a range of formats, allowing you to choose the one that matches your preference. For some individuals, nothing beats the ease and simplicity of a stick of lip balm that can simply be swiped across your lips. Tubes offer similar ease of application, but contain a liquid or gel rather than a solid stick of balm. Sticks and tubes are practical for outdoor use in the winter when your hands may be encased in gloves. Lip treatments that are contained in pots need to be applied with a fingertip or an applicator. Some lip treatments are presented in pots because they are too creamy for sticks or too thick for tubes.

Tinted Balm

Your lip treatment can do double duty when you purchase a tinted lip balm. Along with offering hydrating protection, these lip balms are tinted to add a hint of color. From subtle pastel shades to deep, dramatic reds, you will find a shade to suit your skin tone here at Walgreens. Simply smooth a tinted balm across your lips for a subtle, natural effect. Using a flavored lip balm can give you a boost and make applying a lip treatment more fun. Walgreens offers many flavored lip balms to choose from, making it easy to add to your skincare routine.