Medical Scrubs and Clothing

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Medical Scrubs and Clothing at Walgreens

Whether you care for patients in a home setting, at an assisted living or skilled care facility, or in a hospital or physician's office, wearing the right apparel helps you look professional to foster patient trust. It can also make it easier to do your job. Walgreens carries many medical scrubs and lab coats to help you adhere to workplace dress codes. The Medical Scrubs and Clothing department also features apparel to help your patients feel comfortable while under your care.

Choosing Scrubs for the Workplace

A basic scrubs uniform consists of a short-sleeved top and pants or shorts. There are also scrub jackets that can be worn over the top to give you additional pockets, cover your arms and provide extra warmth. Scrubs are designed to reduce your exposure to germs and bodily fluids when you're on the job due to the unique material from which they are made. These medical uniforms are also meant to allow for ease of movement, so that you can perform tasks like lifting patients with greater ease. When selecting scrubs, you'll need to consider the size, style and color. Be sure to consult your employee dress code to determine if you are required to have scrubs of any particular type while on the job.

Selecting Lab Coats for Daily Wear

Lab coats provide protection for scrubs and other clothing and are used in both laboratories and health care settings. There are many different styles and types of lab coats from which you can choose. The two main types are full lab coats, which have long sleeves, and scrub aprons, which are sleeveless. Lab coats also vary in terms of their color with blue and white being the most popular shades worn in health care and laboratory settings. When you're choosing lab coats, you'll need to purchase one that is the right size. You may also want to take into consideration how many pockets the lab coat has to ensure that you have enough places to keep items that you must carry with you throughout the day. Your employer may have specific requirements for lab coats listed in your dress code guidelines. Be sure to consult these requirements before purchasing any particular style.

Clothing for Patient Comfort

The right patient clothing can simplify care and ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible. Medical gowns are easy to lift and shift when it is necessary to perform examinations, change bandages and dressings, give injections and complete other tasks related to patient care. Gowns are also designed to be loose fitting to keep patients comfortable. Manufacturers of medical gowns offer different styles, colors and sizes, giving you an array of options to best meet the needs of patients at an entire facility or of a single patient in a home health setting. If you prefer to give patients more traditional pajamas, you can purchase t-shirt type tops, pants and shorts in different sizes and colors. Some facilities or caregivers may use these types of pajamas for men and gowns for women. Both types of patient clothing are appropriate for people of either gender.