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Men's Deodorant and Antiperspirant at Walgreens

Sometimes you find your odor can become a bit too strong. Or sometimes your sweat can soak through shirts during a jog or a short bike commute. Even simple, everyday activities that are stressful or physically demanding can cause excess sweat. To fight against drenched underarms and unpleasant smells, Walgreens offers plentiful options for deodorants and antiperspirants to suit everyone's unique needs and tastes.

Deodorants vs. Antiperspirants

While it's easy to mix them up, deodorants and antiperspirants are actually two distinct kinds of products. Which to choose depends on many factors, but most fundamentally on the relative degrees of your personal sweat and body-odor production.

Deodorants take aim at the stench. They do so by making the underarm area inhospitable to the bacteria responsible for the bad odor. These microbes flock to the fats and proteins distilled in the perspiration our sweat glands secrete, a process that eventually brews up a rank smell. The sweat itself, perhaps surprisingly, is essentially odorless. Deodorants commonly contain ingredients like alcohol that boost the acidity of underarm skin, discouraging bacterial activity. While they may cut back on the funk, they make no impact whatsoever on how much perspiration an individual churns out.

By contrast, antiperspirants, as the name suggests, actually aim to reduce the amount of sweat secreted onto your skin. In other words, they try to eliminate odor by robbing underarm bacteria of a resource. Antiperspirants achieve this by actually plugging up sweat pores-for a while, anyway-with components such as aluminum.

There are combination products too, of course. Antiperspirant formulations often include some deodorizing agents to both restrict sweat emission and ward off odor-causing bacteria.

The Basics of Sweating

Why and how do you sweat in the first place? Perspiring actually achieves multiple aims, from thermo-regulation to dermatological hydration. Eccrine sweat glands, which are widely distributed on the body, secrete water and salt (as well as smaller quantities of other electrolytes) onto the skin when you need to cool off. For the most part, secretions from the eccrine glands usually don't smell bad. It's mainly the apocrine sweat glands, primarily located in areas of dense body-hair growth such as the scalp and underarms, that turn out the lipid and protein-dense perspiration that bacteria love to pungently consume.

Dealing with Sweat and Body Odor

Sweat-linked body odor is called bromhidrosis, and it's about as universal and normal a physiological issue as you can find. That said, some suffer more intensely than others. Everyone knows that hot conditions, heavy physical exertion, and major stress can make for a sweaty, stinky situation, but bromhidrosis may also be connected to certain medical conditions such as diabetes and obesity. Diet can also play a role: everything from garlic to hot peppers may set the stage for smellier armpits.

Excess perspiration and body odor can be uncomfortable-and downright embarrassing. Walgreens offers a full range of leading-brand antiperspirant and deodorant for guys, who naturally produce more sweat than women. From a part-time athlete looking to stay drier out on the field to a frequent and prodigious sweater wanting to curb some of their bad odor, any individual can find some promising products right here.