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Natural Deodorant

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Natural and Organic Deodorant and Antiperspirant at Walgreens

Concerns about body odors can get in the way of your day. Applying a deodorant or antiperspirant can boost your confidence and help you feel and smell fresh during your daily activities. Walgreens can help you find sweat- and odor-fighting products that are in line with your green principles with a diverse assortment of natural and organic deodorants and antiperspirants available online and in stores.

Why Go Natural?

People decide to use natural deodorants and antiperspirants for a number of reasons. These natural and organic personal care products typically feature more botanical and mineral-based ingredients and fewer chemicals than their conventional counterparts. This may make them a more desirable option for those who are sensitive to certain synthetics like fragrances and preservatives. You may also simply wish to use one of these products as a part of your commitment to using more natural ingredients.

What Are Organic Deodorants and Antiperspirants?

Organic deodorants and antiperspirants are natural body products that have undergone testing by a third-party organization or agency. Because they bear a seal of acceptance or certification logo, you can feel confident that they meet the standards of one of these groups. Generally, organic certification or acceptance standards require products to be made primarily from ingredients grown, harvested and processed in methods that are eco-friendly.

Comparing Deodorants vs. Antiperspirants

Natural deodorants and antiperspirants both address concerns related to underarm sweat, but they work in different ways. Deodorants help to counteract unpleasant odors and promote a fresh feeling. Antiperspirants temporarily slow down the release of sweat from your pores, so you stay drier throughout the day. Some natural products are both deodorants and antiperspirants, while others only offer deodorant benefits.

Discover Products for Men and Women

In this selection of natural and organic deodorants and antiperspirants, you'll find products formulated for men and for women. Many brands adjust the ingredients found in the formulas to suit men's and women's unique body chemistries. Men's and women's deodorants and antiperspirants may also feature different types of scents. You can also find unisex products that feature balanced formulas suitable for men and women alike. The gender menu at the left allows you to filter for products accordingly.

Choose Your Favorite Form

Natural and organic deodorants and antiperspirants come in a variety of forms. Solid and stick deodorants usually have a slightly creamy consistency but feel dry to the touch upon application. Conventional solids and sticks usually have a milky white appearance. Some people opt for clear solids because they are less visible on the skin and unlikely to leave marks on clothing. Roll-ons are liquids that glide over the skin with the help of a roller-ball applicator top. After application, they quickly dry to create a protective barrier over your skin. Sprays cover a wide area quickly and generally leave behind a powdery finish once dry.