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Panty Liners at Walgreens

Every month, women use a variety of products to stay fresh and clean during their periods. Even more, women know that their menstrual flow varies from day to day, but they might not have the right products on hand to tackle each day with effective protection. Panty liners are a must-have in feminine care supplies. Explore the styles available at Walgreens, and stock up for next month.


Panty liners are the perfect protection for light flow days. Typically, these days fall at both the beginning and end of the monthly period, meaning women will get plenty of use out of a pack of panty liners. These liners are thinner than typical maxi pads, making them so lightweight that women barely notice them. However, panty liners are absorbent enough to keep you fresh and dry during your light flow days, absorbing any flow and reducing any odor or messes. Ideal for every woman, panty liners are an essential product for feminine care needs.


While all panty liners might seem similar, there are several options when it comes to selecting the right style panty liner for every woman's needs. First, women can evaluate both the length and shape of the liner. For added protection, they might opt for a long or even an extra-long liner. If thongs are a woman's underwear of choice, they should not try fitting a regular panty liner on them. Instead, these women can select liners designed to be worn with thongs. While all panty liners available at Walgreens are thin, customers can purchase some varieties that are extra or ultra thin. These styles are ideal for active women who don't want their protection to get in the way of their busy lives.

Additional Features

Shopping for panty liners does not have to be a confusing process. Customers can simply evaluate the different features of the many brands of panty liners available at Walgreens to find the right product for their monthly protection. Panty liners are available in both scented and unscented varieties. Some women enjoy a light, fresh scent during their menstrual cycle, while others avoid fragrances altogether and opt for unscented products. In addition, customers should think about how much protection they need. Some panty liners come with wings, which wrap around underwear bottoms; others do not have wings and simply stick to underwear. Women should consider the type of panty liner and product features that best suit their lifestyle and choose the right product for their needs.


While women probably associate panty liners with their period, these thin, lightweight products can provide you with an extra layer of protection every day of the month. Women might find that you have a little extra moisture down there occasionally. Pantiliners can help absorb that moisture and potentially any accompanying odor as well. In addition, women might want to wear a panty liner when they work out to address perspiration within the surrounding intimate areas. Potential customers should consider these uses and more when choosing panty liners available at Walgreens. Each of these products is capable of absorbing light flow, discharge, sweat, and more.