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Pediatric Accessories

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Pediatric Accessories at Walgreens

For kids with special needs or mobility issues, products like pediatric transport chairs, walkers, and rollators can be life-changing. They allow your child to make new discoveries and feel less defined by a disability. One of the most important advantages of these mobility aids is that they are incredibly easy to customize. Walgreens has a wide range of pediatric accessories that can be used to tailor the experience of using an assistive device to fit your child's unique needs.

Benefits of Pediatric Transport Chairs, Walkers and Rollators

Much easier to customize than traditional strollers, pediatric transport chairs and rehab strollers are the perfect option for kids with special needs who either can't walk on their own or need restraints to keep them in place while you do important everyday tasks like shopping. In addition to being equipped with a harness to secure your little one into the chair, these aids are also adjustable so that you can find the angle that makes your child as comfortable as possible.

To further personalize your child's mobility assistance equipment, Walgreens has an assortment of transport chair and rehab stroller accessories. A canopy can help block the sun when you take your child for a walk outside in his or her chair. You may also find that a support tray is an invaluable addition so that your youngster can eat meals and do other activities while sitting in the stroller. Foot and ankle positioners, head rest extenders, and alternative types of straps can all be used to make the chair itself more comfortable for your child.

Often, a walker or a rollator is the most important tool your child can use to get out of a wheelchair or rehab stroller and start walking around on his or her own two feet. Of course, some children have mobility limitations that make a clean transition to a walker difficult. Walgreens has a wide selection of stabilizers, prompts, and other supports that can be attached to standard pediatric walkers.

Thigh and ankle prompts can help keep your child's legs from scissoring outward while walking. They move freely back and forth along with your tot's stride, helping to establish a healthy gait pattern. Trunk, pelvic, and chest supports and stabilizers are all designed for little ones who have trouble supporting their weight or staying upright while using a rollator.

These accessories are highly adjustable to make your child more comfortable while sitting or standing within the wheeled walker. They allow kids to exercise their legs and use them to get around while still getting necessary posture support. Forearm platforms and prompts are often the most important tools for gait training. They allow your child to put weight on his or her arms. Often, kids with mobility issues will have much more developed muscles in their hands and arms than their legs--especially when they are just starting to walk on their own--so the ability to use these muscles for support can help get your child up and about much more quickly when using a walker or rollator.

Regardless of your child's specific mobility needs, it's easy to find the right accessories for your little one at Walgreens. Talk with your doctor about the types of tools you can add on to a walker, rollator, or transport chair.

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