Mobility Equipment Accessories

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Mobility Equipment Accessories at Walgreens

Mobility aids can greatly improve your quality of life, enabling you to move around your home more safely to remain independent for as long as possible and to enjoy more outings with family. A high quality mobility aid can make all the difference in having an active life. However, to get the most out of your mobility equipment, you may need additional accessories to enhance its usefulness. Walgreens has everything you need to coordinate with mobility aids.

Storage for Life on the Go

Using a walker, cane, crutches, rollator or scooter can make it easier for you to shop in stores, run errands, visit the doctor and perform a variety of other tasks away from home. However, you may find it difficult to carry your personal belongings when you're using a mobility aid. Fortunately, there are many storage accessories designed to coordinate with various types of mobility equipment. These packs, handbags, totes and pouches are made to fit easily onto your mobility device and do not affect its ease of use. This makes it possible to carry your wallet and other essentials that you need to keep at the ready when you're on the go. Cup holders are available for some mobility aids as well. They give you the ideal place to put a bottle of water or a travel mug.

Accessories for Ease of Movement

While mobility equipment can help you go more places than you would be able to on your own, you may find that there are some limitations. You may struggle to get a rollator or a scooter over a stoop or up and down stairs. This is why the manufacturers of mobility equipment accessories produce items to help you remedy these problems. You can purchase ramps to place over thresholds and small sets of stairs. With these accessories, you can easily move your scooter or rollator around your home. You may even find crutches, a cane or a walker easier to use at home with a ramp in place.

Replacement Parts for Mobility Aids

Keeping your mobility aid in good condition is important to staying safe. Over time, the tips on the ends of canes and crutches can become damaged due to natural wear and tear. You can purchase packages of tips to replace the worn out ones on your mobility aid and reduce the chances that you'll slip when you're on a sleek or icy surface. There are also replacement handles available for canes that are perfect for use if you need to improve your grip on a cane.

Accessories for Improving Comfort

While mobility equipment is designed to be as comfortable as possible, you may need to use accessories to feel at your best when you're using some types of mobility aids. Pads and pillows for crutches can reduce friction under your arms to make this type of mobility equipment easier to use. If you'll be spending long periods of time on your scooter, you may benefit from a backrest or seat cushion to reduce your likelihood of developing aches and pains. You can purchase similar cushions to use on lift chairs at home.