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Positional Furniture at Walgreens

You want every sensual experience that you share with a partner to be unforgettable and intensely pleasurable. Sometimes, having the right accessories and bedding on hand can make all the difference in how much you both enjoy an intimate moment. Positional furniture is designed specifically to improve lovemaking and foreplay. It can be used to overcome obstacles to truly enjoying intimacy for you both. Walgreens has many positional furniture options for you to discover and add to your bedroom.

Wedges and Ramps for Support

Wedges and ramps are among the most popular types of positional furniture. A wedge is a firm or soft cushion with a sloped shape that is placed under the pelvis during intercourse. A ramp is similar in shape but is typically longer, so that both the back and pelvis rest against its surface. Both wedges and ramps are used to change the angle of the lower body. This can make penetration simpler and more comfortable for both partners. Some women find that using a wedge or a ramp makes it easier for them to receive g-spot stimulation, which may lead to more intense orgasms. People with lower back pain may also benefit from the use of a wedge or ramp.

Round and Square Bolsters and Pillows

Not all positional cushions and pillows are shaped like ramps and wedges. Some pillows are round and long in shape, making them similar to a neck bolster or decorative roll pillow. These roll bolsters can be placed under a woman's back during intercourse similarly to a wedge or ramp or placed under a man's back, so that he can thrust with ease when lying down. They can also be used as supports for a number of other sexual positions, making them popular for couples that want to experiment. Square shaped positional cushions can similarly be used to support the body in new positions. Some of these cushions also feature storage pockets for hiding sex toys, contraceptives or lubricants. Storage pillows are typically designed to look like decorative throw pillows, so that they can be left on the bed every day.

Specialty Bedding for Sensual Moments

Bodily fluids and lubricants can create a mess in the bedroom, and few couples want to have to do laundry immediately after intimate moments. Specialty bedding can be purchased to help solve these problems. These special throw blankets are used to keep the bedding and mattress clean. Many are made out of luxurious materials like silk, satin or velvet and add new sensations to the experience.

Safety Considerations When Browsing Positional Furniture

Some couples consider the use of positional furniture when pain or discomfort interferes with sexual enjoyment. While these bedroom accessories can be beneficial for this purpose, you should always see a doctor about pain that occurs with intercourse or during foreplay. For women, painful intercourse could be a sign of a serious medical condition. Talk to your doctor about any symptoms of pain to receive a diagnosis as to the cause. Your doctor may have other suggestions to help you more fully enjoy intercourse with your partner.