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Lip Makeup at Walgreens

When you're sharing an idea, saying hello or just flashing your best smile, your lips attract attention, and how they look can have a big impact on your overall appearance. The right lip cosmetics can pretty up your pout and help you make the best possible impression. Whether you prefer a subtle look with a touch of shine or a dark, dramatic color, Walgreens has the lip cosmetics you need to get the effects you desire. Shop our large selection of makeup now to discover the latest products and find classic favorites that you can buy online and in stores.

Ways to Add Color

Lip color is a simple way to beautify your lips, and it’s available in several forms. Traditional lipstick comes in a stick with a contoured tip. Its creamy consistency allows the makeup to glide on smoothly and evenly to impart noticeable color. If you're looking to cut down on the need for reapplications, look for a long-wearing lipstick or opt for a lip stain. Lip stain is a liquid-based cosmetic that is highly pigmented. It goes on wet and then dries to provide a pop of color that resists fading.

Getting That Glossy Look

Love that high-shine wet look? Lip gloss makes it simple to create those sleek effects. Lip gloss typically comes in liquid form and is brushed or rolled on. It often remains moist to the touch after application. Many lip glosses are flavored for added appeal, and some have added tints to impart subtle color. You can wear lip gloss on its own or layer it over lipstick or lip stain for added shine.

Moisturizing and Protecting Your Lips

Some lip cosmetics do more than just change the way your lips look. Lip balms help promote healthier skin with ingredients that hydrate your lips with every application. Over time, lip balms can help to soften and smooth your lips, reducing signs of dryness and irritation. When applied before you go outside, lip balms reduce the risk of chapping due to dry air and cold temperatures. Some lip balms provide the added benefit of SPF sunscreen protection and work to shield your lips from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Like lip glosses, balms are often flavored and are available with and without tint.

Products for Defining and Plumping

The right cosmetics can create the illusion of more luscious lips. Tracing the contours of your mouth with pencil or crayon lip liner adds definition to accentuate your lips. For best results, choose a liner that is one to two shades darker than your lipstick and matches its matte, satin or gloss finish. To make your pout more prominent, try a lip plumper. Beauty brands offer clear and tinted lip plumpers that you can use alone or layer with other lip cosmetics like lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss. Use the menu on the left to filter products by type to easily find what you’re looking for.