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Salon Hair Care

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Salon Hair Care at Walgreens

When you leave the salon, your hair looks its very best. After a shampoo and style from a pro, your hair is clean and soft, and your stylist knows how to put and keep every strand in place. While you can't schedule a daily appointment to keep that flawless hairstyle going, you can still enjoy that straight-from-the-salon look every day by using high quality salon hair care products. Walgreens makes it easy to shop for what you need with a sizeable selection of salon shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, treatments and tools that you can buy online and in stores.

What Is Salon Care?

When you visit a salon, your stylist has a wealth of high-end products at their disposal to apply during every step of the service they're providing. The formulas are produced by brands that specialize in professional hair care, but many of them can be used by everyday people as well as licensed hairstylists. Every hair care product in this assortment is made by a salon brand that’s trusted by pros. You can filter by brand to quickly find the products that your hairdresser uses during your appointment.

Benefits of Salon Products

Salon hair care products offer many benefits. Typically, these products contain advanced ingredients and feature exclusive technologies that make their formulas effective as well as luxurious.

Most salon hair care products are solution-driven, meaning brands develop these products with a specific purpose in mind. For example, salon hair care products for damaged hair are formulated to moisturize and strengthen strands while cleaning, conditioning and improving manageability. Using the products allows you to address your hair care concerns with each step of your hair care routine. The hair type menu at the left can help you find salon formulas that are ideal for your needs.

Caring for Your Hair Like a Pro

By establishing a hair care routine that includes salon products, you can promote healthier, more manageable locks. Salon shampoos are formulated for various hair concerns, and most brands offer companion conditioners that rinse away to complement the action of each shampoo in their product lineup. Some daily-use salon products can speed up your hair care regimen.

  • Dry shampoos spray or shake on quickly and refresh your hair to give you that just-cleansed look with no rinsing required.
  • Cleansing conditioners remove impurities and moisturize strands in one step.
  • Salon treatments like masks and deep conditioners can help you deal with concerns like breakage, dryness and frizz.

Solutions for Simpler Styling

Whatever your favorite hairstyle is, salon styling aids can help you achieve that perfect look at home.

  • Styling aids like mousses, gels and pomades make it easier to shape your hair into your desired style and then deliver the proper hold to keep it in place.
  • Detanglers separate strands, so you can remove knots and mats with less tugging and pulling.
  • Hair spray helps set your style to increase the staying power of your finished look.

The product type filtering tool makes it easy to find the styling aids your hairdresser recommends for achieving a picture-perfect hairdo. You can even purchase professional tools like blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons to make at-home styling simpler.