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Rollator Accessories

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Rollator Accessories at Walgreens

Designed to make life easier for many people, rollators provide an element of independence and self-sufficiency. This makes it possible for individuals to get around on their own despite physical limitations. Rollator accessories enhance this experience with an added level of comfort that simplifies such basic tasks as carrying your personal items with you, having a place to put purchased items, or entering or exiting your home. Walgreens offers a wide selection of these practical and useful accessories.

Types of Rollator Accessories

Quite often, people who use rollators are also interested in additional storage options that can attach to the front or side of their equipment. While the primary purpose of add-on bags, totes, and clutches is to give you greater storage capacity, their presence allows you to personalize your rollator. Whether you are looking to make your equipment more attractive or you want better storage options for your personal possessions, Walgreens has a number of options available that make it easier to travel about while having your favorite things with you. Storage bags make it possible for you to carry your wallet, prescriptions, cell phones, glasses, tissues, and so much more.

Most bags offer a large inner compartment that is suitable for holding larger items as well as smaller pockets designed to store less bulky things. Best of all, they are styled so that they fit easily over the bar, handle, or backrest of your rollator. Smaller clutches come with the convenience of a wrist strap so that you can keep your hands free for other needs. You'll find storage bags in a number of solid colors and patterns. This gives you lots of attractive choices for your final selection. The bags are designed for durability so that they last for many years.

Easing the task of entering or exiting your home or other building, threshold ramps are crafted from sturdy materials. As a result, you'll find ramps that offer durability and longevity. Their strong construction makes them suitable for heavy loads. You'll find ramps made from recycled rubber as well as slip-resistant aluminum.

The ramps are available in different sizes as well as different materials, providing the kind of flexibility needed to fit your home's doorways. Threshold ramps are styled to fit doorways where the door swings inward as well as for those entryways where the door swings outward. Ramps with adjustable settings can conform to a wide range of threshold rises.

While backrests and seat covers are intended to provide a greater capacity for comfort, they also make a statement that personalizes your rollator. You can add a touch of style along with the sensation of comfort with the simple inclusion of an attractive seat cover and back rest.

Offering extra storage capacity, attachable baskets provide the kind of space needed for bulky items like jackets, hats, and blankets. They can even hold books, water bottles, and other necessary items.

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