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Scrub Pants at Walgreens

What are scrubs? Intentionally simple so that they can be easily cleaned and kept free of contaminants, scrubs have been a staple of hospitals since the middle of the 20th century. Today, these "uniforms" are synonymous with the medical profession, and you may need to invest in several pairs as a medical student, doctor, or nurse. Walgreens has a wide selection of high quality scrub pants for both men and women that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Types of Scrub Pants

While there are several details that separate different types of scrub shirts, most scrub pants are fairly similar. These products are often one-size-fits-all, though you may need to opt for smaller or larger scrubs if you are petite or tall. Medical scrubs are intended to be very comfortable for surgeons and other professionals who need to wear them in the operating room all day, and they are usually made of a combination of cotton and polyester. Scrub pants may be designed specifically for a man or woman. Others are unisex.

The features that set one pair of scrub pants apart from another tend to be the presence or absence of a drawstring, the number of pockets, and the color. A drawstring can be helpful if you know you'll need to walk around in your scrubs often and want to make sure they don't fall down at all. Drawstring pants are also helpful if you plan to gain or lose weight. Other types of pants have elastic waist bands.

Depending on what you need to keep on your person throughout the day, you may be satisfied with only having pockets on the sides of your scrubs, or you may choose a pair with back pockets as well. Many of the scrubs available from Walgreens are also reversible, so you can turn them inside-out for extended wear and have pockets on both sides. While scrub pants are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, green and blue scrubs are typically worn by anyone who is going to be spending time in the operating room (because their tint can't be easily mistaken for blood). Doctors and nurses who aren't involved with surgery may opt for maroon, purple, or any other color.

In addition to scrub pants for medical professionals, Walgreens also has a variety of patient-wear pants and shorts that you can wear during a hospital stay or outpatient rehabilitation. These garments feature moisture-resistant fabric as well as an easy fastening system on their sides so that they can easily be put on or removed while avoiding wounds, casts, or surgical dressing.

While originally designed for use in the medical profession only, many people find other uses for scrub pants. For one, the loose fit of scrub pants makes them excellent pajamas. They also tend to be made of fabric that moves well, so you could consider using them as exercise clothes--especially if you are going to a yoga class.

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