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Body Makeup at Walgreens

Cosmetics are used to enhance natural beauty and boost self-confidence. Your face isn't the only place where skin imperfections can occur. Imperfections of the body skin can be difficult to cover effectively with facial makeup, which is why top makeup brands offer products made especially for the needs of the legs and the rest of the body. The Walgreens Body Makeup Products offers specialized concealers and body glows to help with yout specific need.

The Basics of Body Makeup

Just like foundation for the face, body makeup contains pigments that can be used to create the illusion of a more even skin tone. When selecting a product, you should look for one that matches the color of the area that you wish to cover. The tone of your skin can vary from your arms to your torso to your legs, so if you wish to apply makeup to more than one area, browse the body makeup products to find multi-color foundation palettes.

Uses of Body Makeup

At Walgreens, you can find the right body makeup for virtually any skin imperfection that you would like to make less noticeable. A full-coverage formula can be used to cover dark scars, birthmarks and age spots or skin discoloration. If you have dark, discolored stretch marks, applying body makeup can make their color less noticeable, and some women find that the dimpled appearance of cellulite-prone skin is less prominent when it is covered with body makeup. On the legs, body makeup can disguise the blue or purple hue of varicose veins, and you can also use body makeup to minimize the appearance of redness from razor bumps and body acne. Body makeup can also be used to give the skin a radiant glow all over and to cover tattoos for weddings, job interviews and other important events.

Choosing the Right Formula

When you are shopping for body makeup, the most important consideration that you'll need to make is what type is best for your unique needs. If you have very prominent flaws, you'll need a formula that provides very full coverage. Specialty items are available, including options for full coverage such as a cream, a liquid or a stick concealer. Some products are made especially to cover tattoos and are extra thick. These formulas can be applied to very noticeable imperfections, in addition to tattoos. If you need to cover a wide area of skin, a liquid or a cream will be the quickest and simplest solution. For simply improving skin's radiance or giving all of your skin a subtle glow, body powder is an ideal choice.

Getting the Most out of Body Makeup

Before applying body makeup products to your skin, be sure to cleanse the area thoroughly, as oils on the skin can affect how well the makeup adheres. You can use a lightweight body lotion after cleansing to ensure that your skin is smooth and to fight dehydration. If you're using a cream or liquid, a foundation brush or your fingertips are good tools for applying the makeup, then blend with a makeup sponge for a smooth and even finish. Finishing with a setting powder can help the makeup stay in place and give it a more matte, natural appearance. By using the left navigation panel on the Walgreens website, you can browse the selection of body makeup from popular, trusted brands.