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Showerheads at Walgreens

What type of shower head you have installed in your bathroom can impact your comfort and how easy it is for you to get clean from head to toe. Some can even improve bathroom safety, reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents in the bathroom. Walgreens can help you find an accessory that can increase safety and convenience in the bathroom with a diverse assortment of shower heads available in store and online.

Types of shower heads

There are many types of shower heads that you can consider. The most common option is the wall-mount, which attaches to a pipe in the wall and remains stationary once installed. Ceiling mount shower heads are also fixed, but they go on the ceiling rather than the floor.

Not all shower heads are fixed. Sliding bar shower heads are positioned on the end of a bar. Before, during and after your shower, you can slide the head upward or downward to adjust the spray height. This type of shower head can be beneficial for showers used by people of different heights or for showers shared with one or more people who sit on a shower seat or in a wheelchair while bathing.

Handheld shower heads also add versatility to the shower experience. This type of shower head consists of two pieces: the fitting that attaches to the pipe on the wall and a shower head with a stem that fits easily in your hand. A length of hose connects the two pieces, and there is a holder on the wall for storing the shower head piece between uses. Using a handheld shower head can make it easier to clean hard to reach places, particularly those with limited mobility. Dual shower heads combine one wall-mount or sliding bar shower head with one handheld shower head, giving you two ways to rinse.

Are all shower heads one-size-fits-all?

Manufacturers design most shower heads sold in the U.S. and Canada to a standard dimension. This size is ½-inch National Standard Taper Pipe Thread (NPT). The system was in use throughout the 20th century and remains in use today, so most homes feature plumbing of standard size. As a result, most shower head product descriptions will say "fits standard plumbing" rather than providing a measurement.

Although the dimensions of shower head fittings are generally universally sized, people have different needs when it comes to installation height. For most people, a shower head should be 77" to 81" above the shower floor. However, some people do choose to install shower heads lower so that they are within easy reach. When buying a handheld showerhead, consider the length of the hose when choosing your mounting height.

Do shower heads help increase water pressure?

Some shower heads do increase water pressure. Normally, manufacturers label these models as "high-pressure shower heads." Additionally, you can find handheld and other shower heads that feature adjustable spray patterns with less pressure, making it possible to switch when performing different tasks like washing your face or rinsing shampoo out of your hair.