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Textured Hair Care

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Textured Hair Products at Walgreens

Whether you have waves, curls or coils textured hair has its own unique needs. Because your hair is more prone to dryness and has a coarse texture, styling your locks can pose challenges, and you may suffer from breakage, frizz and flyaways. Fortunately, the right hair care products can promote healthier, more manageable locks. Walgreens carries a large selection of hair care products specifically for textured hair. We make it easy to shop online and in stores. All of the formulas currently available are featured in this selection, so you can explore all of the options or refine the choices to quickly discover the best products for your needs.

Washing with Care

All hair types require regular shampooing to remove dirt, excess oil and other impurities that can weigh down your hair and irritate your scalp. Ordinary shampoos are often too harsh for curly hair, as they may strip away moisture while washing away impurities. Specialty shampoos are formulated to address this problem. The formulas often feature hydrating ingredients that allow you to wash in moisture while purifying your locks and scalp. For best results, follow your shampoo with a rinse-out daily conditioner that will further hydrate and nourish the strands.

Boosting Moisture Levels

To keep textured hair manageable and healthy, it's important that the strands stay well hydrated, and there are a number of hair care products that can boost moisture levels. You can seal your hair periodically with oils to lock in moisture and decrease the risk of dehydration. Another option is to use a deep conditioner or a hair mask weekly, biweekly or monthly. Deep conditioners and masks contain intensive ingredients that deeply hydrate the hair over an extended period of time before you rinse them out. For a daily dose of moisture, try a lightweight leave-in conditioner that you rub or spray in.

Styling with Ease

You can cut down on your styling time by using styling aids. A number of styling aids are available to increase manageability. You can use a pomade or a gel to create sculpted styles with a high degree of hold.

  • Mousses are aerated, allowing them to volumize hair while providing light-hold benefits.
  • Detanglers can make it easier to separate your curls and reduce the risk of damage when you comb.
  • Curl enhancers and activators help the strands form bonds to enhance the shape of coils, ringlets and other curls.

Some styling products contain beneficial ingredients that can strengthen and nourish the strands while simplifying styling.

Relaxing at Home

If you prefer straightened styles, you don't have to visit a salon for relaxer treatments. At-home kits make it possible to straighten your hair right at home. These kits contain chemicals that temporarily break the bonds that cause hair to curl. To get the best results, be sure to test the relaxer on a small area before applying it to all of your hair. Following the directions carefully will go a long way toward ensuring success with at-home relaxers.