Walgreens Relationships

Who established the Walgreen Alumni Association?

The Association was formed in 1981 by a group of longtime employees who wished to keep in touch after retirement.

Who is eligible to join?

All Walgreen retirees aged 55 or over, who retired with at least 10 years of service.

What are benefits of membership?

The Chicago chapter holds biannual luncheons. Retirees in other parts of the country attend local chapter luncheons. Some "snowbirds" manage to attend group functions in both Chicago and sunny locales. The Alumni Association also publishes a newsletter twice a year to keep members current on retiree news and Walgreen happenings.

How do I join?

Just print and mail the Membership Application. To change your mailing address or request general information about the Alumni Association, write to:

  • Walgreen Alumni Association
  • Mail Stop #1405
  • 104 Wilmot Rd.
  • Deerfield, IL 60015