Medicare Part D Plan Options

Medicare Part D Plan Options


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What to Have Ready Before You Call

  • Your red, white and blue Medicare card (if you're already covered by Medicare)
  • Medications you take (names and doses)

Important Questions to Ask Your Advisor

  • Based on my current medications, will I hit the coverage gap (donut hole) and if so, when?
  • Are my current drugs on the plan's formulary?
  • Does my plan have a preferred pharmacy network?
  • Is my pharmacy included in the preferred network?
  • What will be the monthly cost?
  • Based on my current medications, will I hit the coverage gap (donut hole) and if so, when?
  • What is the late enrollment penalty? Should I sign up now or wait?

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is also referred to as the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Annual Election Period.

1 Free advice with no obligation to enroll.

2 eHealth is a licensed insurance broker. No commissions are paid to Walgreens.
Applies to Medicare Part D Plans where Walgreens is a preferred pharmacy. Savings are not guaranteed. Walgreens does not endorse any particular Medicare Part D plan. Plan comparison results are for people eligible for Medicare and are for educational purposes. Walgreens does not make specific plan recommendations and encourages all people eligible for Medicare to consider medical and financial needs when selecting a Medicare Part D plan.