Administrative Physicals

What are administrative physicals?

Administrative physicals are required physical examinations that verify eligibility for specific life events. Healthcare Clinic locations perform the following administrative physicals:

  • Adoption renewal
  • Adoptive/foster home resident physicals (some restrictions may apply)
  • Camp counselor physicals
  • Child care provider physicals
  • College/university physicals
  • Daycare entry
  • Driver's license/learner's permit physicals (noncommercial)
  • Employment/pre-employment physicals
    • Including those requiring verification that a patient has no infectious or communicable disease and those requiring a statement of general, mental, emotional, and physical health
    • Not including those requiring assessment of specific weight lifting ability, those that require an EKG , and those involving workers' compensation claims
  • Healthcare provider/employee/student physicals
  • Post-adoptive/foster home resident physicals not including pre-adoption/foster evaluations
  • Premarital physicals
  • Professional licensure physicals
  • School admission physicals – including professional and trade schools
  • Senior care provider physicals
  • Senior living admission physicals – including adult community, assisted living, nursing care, and retirements homes
  • Teacher/school personnel physicals

While specific requirements vary, these examinations provide an opportunity to discuss important healthcare issues and to ensure you are healthy and physically prepared for that specific life event. Please bring any required forms that must be completed with you. Some physicals require proof of immunity to contagious diseases. This may require the ordering of lab work to be completed at another facility, testing for tuberculosis, which may be completed at Healthcare Clinic for additional fees, or the administration of vaccines, which may also be completed at Healthcare Clinic for additional fees.

Most administrative physicals are not covered by insurance. Payment via cash or credit card is due at the time of service. Certain exceptions may apply.

An administrative physical is not a replacement for an annual physical examination with your primary care provider.

Who are administrative physicals recommended for?

Administrative physicals are available for patients requiring validation of eligibility for the specific life events listed above. Certain exceptions may apply.

Healthcare Clinic locations do not perform the following physicals:

  • Gun/firearm evaluations
  • Pre-adoption/foster evaluations
  • Pre-surgical/pre-operative physicals
  • Workers' compensation evaluations
  • Immigration or naturalization evaluations
  • Physicals that require:
    • Extensive psychiatric and social evaluations (general mental/cognitive impairments screenings can be completed)
    • Diagnosis of chronic illness (such as an FMLA medical assessment)

Physicals are available at Walgreens Healthcare Clinic locations for patients 18 months and older.

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic also offers camp, sports and annual school physicals.

If you believe you have a medical emergency,  please call 911.

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