Chronic Bronchitis

What is chronic bronchitis?

Chronic bronchitis is a persistent swelling of the airways that carry air to the lungs. It is more common among people who smoke. The airways swell and produce mucus, which creates a cough. People with chronic bronchitis have a daily productive cough (with mucus) for a prolonged period.

What are symptoms of chronic bronchitis?

The most common symptoms of chronic bronchitis are:

  • Irritating cough that produces excess mucus
  • Decreased air flow to the lungs causing shortness of breath
  • Cough is worse in the morning and in cold weather
  • Decreased ability to fight colds and other infections

What is the treatment for chronic bronchitis?

Visit Healthcare Clinic for assessment, treatment and management of your chronic bronchitis. Treatment for chronic bronchitis is typically focused on relieving symptoms and fighting any respiratory infections. You may be referred to a pulmonologist for further evaluation and treatment

This treatment is available at Healthcare Clinic locations for patients 18 years and older.

If you believe you have a medical emergency,  please call 911.

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