Splinter Removal

What is a splinter?

A splinter is a foreign body that is either partially or fully embedded in the skin. Splinters are typically wood, but other materials, including metal, glass, and even plastic, may be considered a splinter.

What are the symptoms of a splinter?

Common symptoms of a splinter are pain when the foreign body becomes embedded in the skin, followed by a small flow of blood, or no bleeding at all. You may be able to feel and see the splinter under the skin. Sometimes you may not notice a splinter until an infection develops, which is characterized by the area becoming red, swollen, warm, and tender.

How do you remove a splinter?

Visit Healthcare Clinic location for evaluation and removal of your splinter or partial portions of a splinter that may remain after an attempt to remove the splinter on your own. Typically tweezers can be used by the healthcare provider to remove the splinter, though more serious splinters that are fully embedded in the skin may require additional treatment.

This treatment is available at Healthcare Clinic locations for patients 18 months and older.

If you believe you have a medical emergency,  please call 911.

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