Feel More Like You - A podcast by Walgreens

Cancer not only affects our health,
it affects our identity

And there's a real, positive psychological impact to looking and feeling good—which goes a long way to help heal. From skin to wig care, makeup tips and more, we're here with expert advice on what to expect, and personal stories to help you feel more like you.*

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Plus, hear from dozens of cancer survivors, beauty experts and oncology specialists.

  • Intro: Beauty is more than makeup

    How does looking and feeling good help to heal? Our survivor sisters share stories of maintaining their identity through treatment, and renowned psychologist Dr. Guy Winch and other experts share the importance of feeling like yourself.

    Episode 1 | 20 mins | Read transcript
  • Hair loss, part 1: Clippers, wigs & cold caps

    How do you get ahead of hair loss? Survivors and industry pros cover it all from scalp care to wig shopping and cold cap therapy. TV personality Joan Lunden tells of her experience with breast cancer, while celebrity wig stylist Kim Kimble shares tips.

    Episode 2 | 48 mins | Read transcript
  • Emotional wellness: From cope to hope

    How do you live your best life while you're simultaneously fighting for it? Survivors open up about strength and surrender. We also visit Cancer Support Community affiliate Gilda's Club for a few laughs, and discuss accessible ways to find healing and supportive communities.

    Episode 3 | 44 mins | Read transcript
  • Mouth & taste changes: Sore subject

    How is your mouth affected during treatment? Survivors talk about mouth sores, dryness and taste perception. We also uncover the importance of dental hygiene and visit Wellness House for cooking tips and nutritional advice.

    Episode 4 | 35 mins | Read transcript
  • Breast changes: Surgeries, implants & tattoos

    How can you take control of your surgery? From scars to implants and nipple reconstruction, survivor sisters get real about surgery. Also, breast surgeon Dr. Elisa Port explains how to select a medical team, and tattoo artists David Allen and Vinnie Myers talk about how ink reimagines mastectomies.

    Episode 5 | 55 mins | Read transcript
Feel more like youFeel more like you
Feel more like you

We offer additional helpfor the side effects of cancer treatment.

Feel more like you
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* The views, information, and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the individuals involved, and do not necessarily represent those of Walgreens and its employees. While we care about you and your health, this podcast is meant for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified health care professional. Walgreens does not recommend or endorse any specific test, products, procedures, or other information that may be referenced. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health care professionals to see what the best treatment is for you.