Quit Smoking Consultation

What is a Quit Smoking Consultation?

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. But it's not easy. And it shouldn't be done without the advice of a healthcare professional. Now, Walgreens Healthcare Clinics can help you or someone you love quit smoking for good.

Come in for a Quit Smoking Consultation with one of our healthcare professionals. You'll discuss your smoking habit, select a quit date and create a personalized quit plan complete with one-on-one support. Your consultation will include education and treatment recommendations such as nicotine replacement therapy, or a written prescription if appropriate.

Do I Need a Quit Smoking Consultation?

Tobacco contains nicotine, which is addictive. Because kicking any addiction is a challenge, it's best done with professional support. A Quit Smoking Consultation will address your nicotine addiction, any previous quit attempts, your triggers, and other barriers (some you may not have considered) to help you quit for good.

Are Quit Smoking Consultations Successful?

Quitting smoking is a process that requires education, personal awareness and support. Quit Smoking Consultations at Walgreens Healthcare Clinics are designed to help you quit within six months, or sooner.

If you're a smoker and are ready to quit smoking for good, or are interested in helping someone you know quit, stop in to a Healthcare Clinic for a Quit Smoking Consultation.

If you believe you have a medical emergency,  please call 911.

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