100 watt bulbs

For general use, a 100 watt bulb is a handy bulb to keep on hand. These light bulbs can be used in most lamps or light fixtures and provide light for reading, writing and popular hobbies such as sewing and knitting. Some 100 watt light bulbs are standard or you can select a more environmentally friendly compact fluorescent bulb. Choose soft white, dimmable or 3 way light bulbs from GE here at Walgreens.com.

A spectrum of light

Standard three-way light bulbs come in various wattages and can alternate between brightness levels depending on how soft or bright you'd like it. Some energy-efficient 100 watt bulbs can last several years, and can save you a significant amount in energy costs. These eco-friendly light bulbs can also have less impact on the environment thanks to their reduced energy output. Some are even made from materials that are less detrimental in landfills.

Light your way

Our stock of energy efficient and incandescent light bulbs include those for general purpose as well as specialty bulbs. Select the amount of power you prefer from standards 40, 60, 75 and 100 watt bulbs. Our selection of specialty light bulbs includes those for the bath & vanity, night lights, track & recess light bulbs and halogen bulbs.