3 Wheeled Electric Scooters

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3-wheeled electric scooters

You can get around many of your favorite places more easily with 3-wheeled electric scooters. These mobility scooters can turn in small spaces, so you can use them out and about or inside the home. You'll find 3-wheeled electric scooters in an assortment of colors, weights and features. We carry 3-wheeled electric scooters from brands Shoprider, Pride and others.

Choose the features that are best for you

Both 3 wheel scooters and 4 wheel scooters are easily maneuverable as well as steady and stable. If you need extra legroom, you can choose a model with a curved tiller that can accommodate taller users. You can also choose a swivel seat scooter that makes getting on and off easier. There are also extra scooter baskets so you can carry more groceries or necessities with you.

Freedom of mobility

Find the mobility equipment that can help you get around safely and comfortably. There are different types of crutches, including bariatric crutches, tall crutches and forearm crutches. You can also choose between a variety of walkers as well as rollators.which are similar to walkers but can feature large wheels. Walker accessories, crutch accessories and scooter accessories can also help you get the most from your mobility aids.