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60 Second Digital Thermometers

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60 second digital thermometers

You can get an accurate temperature reading within one minute from 60 second digital thermometers. Some of these digital thermometers can be accurate to two-tenths of a degree. Others can give both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. Choose a 60 second digital thermometer from brands Veridian Healthcare and LifeSource to help monitor your family's health and well-being.

Fast and convenient

Whether you have a sick family member or you are ill yourself, taking a temperature reading can be easy and fast. You can choose whether to use some 60 second digital thermometers orally, rectally or in the underarm. Many come with disposable covers for sanitary use to prevent the spread of germs. There are even thermometers in different sizes for your preference and convenience.

Browse all the types of digital thermometers

Features of digital thermometers are not limited to how quickly they can give you results. While there are thermometers that offer readings within different time frames, there are also those that have different ranges of accuracy. Some feature flexible tips for comfortable use, and you can choose from forehead thermometers, ear thermometers and temple thermometers. You'll also find basal thermometers for family planning.

Cold and flu relief

If you need relief for symptoms of the cold or flu, you can keep your medicine cabinet stocked with cold & flu medications. You'll find fever medications, cough syrup, liquid acetaminophen and decongestants. There is also children's cold medicine with flavors that are familiar and appealing to kids and ear ache & tinnitus relief. Don't forget the cold rubs, vaporizers and humidifiers to aid recovery.

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