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Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchairs help people who aren't capable of walking to stay active, but there are times when a wheelchair isn't enough. When traveling, it can be hard to get a wheelchair bound person in and out of a van. With an aluminum wheelchair ramp you can transfer a wheelchair and its occupant from one elevation to another quickly and easily.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum wheel chair ramps are sturdy but light in weight. Unlike wooden ramps, they require almost no upkeep or maintenance and are resistant to corrosion. You can buy one and enjoy many years of reliable service without the hassle of regular upkeep. The most versatile and convenient aluminum wheelchair ramps are easy to move from place to place. Carry one in a car or van and use it to navigate curbs and bridge other elevations including steps. After using it, fold it up to make it smaller for storing away and for easy transportation from place to place. When you need it again, simply unfold it and carefully place it where it needs to be. Most fold-up aluminum wheelchair ramp are strong enough to support 600 pounds of weigh, more than enough for most wheelchairs and their occupants. They even come with a convenient carrying case with a handle. Aluminum wheelchair ramps aren't just for rolling a wheelchair onto a van. They can be used to bridge other gaps including curbs and steps for easy navigation without injury. Aluminum wheelchair ramps have non-skid surfaces to prevent skidding and reduce the risk of accidents. With a ramp, a person who needs a wheelchair can navigate tricky elevations with greater confidence and safety and retain more of their independence. A portable aluminum wheelchair ramp is a handy and versatile piece of equipment to take along when traveling almost anywhere. You never know when you're going to need it! And why not take it along? It's light enough to easily transport and unfold. As you can see, aluminum wheelchair ramps offer light weight versatility and make it easier for people in a wheelchair to get around.