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Always Pads

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Always pads

For protection during your period, try Always pads. These maxi pads are available in different lengths, absorbencies and styles. There are Always pads for overnight use and ultra thin pads with wings for a discreet and secure fit. Always also offers pantiliners and Always Infinity pads, their most absorbent maxi pads.

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Always pads come in different levels of absorbency, including regular, super and overnight. You can choose to get maxi pads with wings or without. Most absorbencies are available in long styles for extra coverage. Concerned about odor? Try a scented maxi pad for peace of mind.

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We have a variety of feminine care products here at In addition to Always pads, we carry tampons in a variety of absorbencies as well as pantiliners. There are feminine wipes and washes to help you feel clean and fresh. We also carry PMS relief products to help ease cramps. Other pain relievers and heat therapy products can help ease discomfort.

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