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Apricot Scrub

Keeping your skin healthy is the first step to the kind of radiant glow that makes you feel good about the way you look. Facial scrubs, in particular, hold a special place in any good skin care routine, specifically because they can assist you in exfoliating the dry skin that often dulls the skin's appearance. Moreover, facial scrubs help to reduce the likelihood of breakouts because they clear the skin's pores as they remove debris and excess sebum. The use of a facial scrub regularly assists in creating a more even look for your complexion as dry, roughened areas of skin become smoother and softer. Apricot scrubs are often blended with Apricot extract, which is obtained from the kernels taken from the stone pits of the fruit. This extract is rich in linoleic, linoleic acid, and oleic acid, all of which have been credited with being good for dry and irritated skin. This is important to know when choosing your facial/body scrub because you'll want to keep the skin from drying out even more.

Choosing an Apricot Scrub for Your Skin Care Needs

Exfoliating the skin is particularly important during the colder weather when moisture levels in the air shrink due to lower amounts of humidity. Choosing an apricot scrub gives you the benefit of exfoliating dry skin cells away without unnecessarily drying your skin out. Apricot beauty scrubs have been blended for use on the body as well as for application on facial skin. It's important not to use these formulations interchangeably since the results might vary greatly when switching from the more delicate area of the face to the body and vice versa. Various types of scrub formulations are available, giving consumers an opportunity to select a product designed to meet their type of skin care concern. For example, scrubs intended for blackhead and blemish control are usually oil-free so that they don't add to the problem of excess sebum. Scrubs labeled with the word "gentle" are blended with skin-friendly ingredients so as not to cause undue irritation. You can also find formulas that make use of only natural ingredients so they are less likely to cause sensitivity or rashes. You'll find apricot scrubs from top quality brands like St. Ives.