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Baby Bibs

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Baby bibs

By protecting your little one's clothes with baby bibs, you can make feeding time and doing laundry a little simpler. There are various baby feeding bibs in a range of material types, sizes and colors to choose from. You can find baby bibs from brands such as Bumkins, Wagi Baby and Nature Babycare that can help simplify mealtime.

Staying neat and clean

Depending on your needs and what kinds of stains you encounter most on baby's clothes, you can choose from soft cotton bibs as well as waterproof bibs. To clean, you can simply wipe them with a wet paper towel, sponge or rag. There are also bibs made with pockets at the bottom for catching pieces of food and crumbs before they can make it to the table or floor. Eco-conscious moms can get their infant's baby bibs made with organic materials.

More mealtime supplies

For parents and babies, there is a variety of baby feeding products here at You can find spill-proof cups as well as dishes that effectively contain food to prevent messes. Choose an easy-to-clean placemat in addition to a bib to help keep your table or highchair clean.

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