Baby Sippy Cup

If your baby has graduated to using a baby sippy cup you have an assortment of styles, colors, forms and brands to choose from. There are bright colored spill-proof sippy cups, pastel sippy cups, and multi-colored cups. Some have handles, some are contoured for little hands, and some baby sippy cups are just like regular cups with lids. There are different tops -- twist on or snap on, different spouts, and even straws -- most designed to be spill-proof. Choose from trusted brands and proven designs for an easy transition to this new way of drinking.

Sippy cup accessories

To ease the transition to sippy cups for babies, try a sippy cup tether. Designed to prevent losing the sippy cup, the sippy cup tether is a terrific accessory to save you time, money and frustration. Many brands also offer replacement lids, in case the tops are lost or damaged.