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Bare Mineral Makeup

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Mineral makeup

Help create the clear, even-toned complexion you want with mineral makeup. Most of this type of makeup is made without many of the added ingredients of other foundations and powders, so there is less chance of skin irritation. Keep your skin healthy and looking great with mineral makeup from trusted cosmetic brands Physician's Formula, L'Oreal, Revlon and more.

Mineral benefits

If you have sensitive skin, you can try bare mineral makeup to get your ideal look without causing redness or discomfort. Most mineral foundations don't contain added fragrance or chemicals. What they do contain is a soft, colored formula that can blend with your skin tone as well as offer SPF protection. You can choose between mineral bronzers, blush, concealers and other powders, or you can use them all.

Other makeup options

To help create different looks for different occasions, there are also mineral eyeshadows in a variety of colors. Choose darker tones with shimmer for going out, or a soft, natural tone to highlight your eyes throughout the day. There's even mineral mascara and mineral lip makeup that can help accentuate your features without added preservatives and fragrances.

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