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Bariatric walkers

Keep yourself steady and stable with a bariatric walker. Some of these steel-frame walkers can support up to 650 pounds. Most are adjustable to fit the height most comfortable and safe for you. Browse our selection of heavy-duty walkers to find the features and styles that meet your needs, including walkers with or without wheels. Bariatric walkers from brands such as TFI Medical and Drive Medical are available here at Walgreens.com.

Get around safely

Walkers without wheels can feel more stable, while some find bariatric walkers with wheels easier to maneuver. Some bariatric walkers are designed with a wider set to the legs so it can fit around the toilet to be used comfortably in the bathroom. Foldable walkers are convenient for travel since they can be collapsed to fit inside the trunk or backseat.

Other options

If you want to browse other mobility equipment, our selection of home medical supplies and equipment offers a number of options. There are bariatric rollators, crutches, wheelchairs and canes. Heavy-duty rollators have four wheels and a seat so you can sit and rest whenever you need to. These handy mobility tools also have baskets so you can easily carry essentials. Decide on the mobility assistance that best suits you to get around in style.