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Basal Thermometers

Keeping track of your basal body temperature each day can help you know when you're ovulating for family planning. Your basal temperature is your body's lowest temperature, and this occurs when you first wake up after a night's rest. Keep your basal thermometer close to your bed so you can get an accurate reading every morning. These digital thermometers are more accurate than other thermometers to help you know for certain when ovulation occurs.

Tracking your Cycle

Many basal thermometers come with blank charts for you to enter your temperature each day. They can even store your most recent reading in case you forget to record it elsewhere. If you'd like more reassurance that you're ovulating, there are also ovulation tests that can let you know if you are within your most fertile period. You can use either urine- or saliva-based tests daily to let you know at least 24 hours before you will be ovulating.

Other Family Planning Options

You'll also find fertility tests that can test for the presence of certain hormones for women. For men, there are sperm tests that check for a normal sperm count. There are also personal lubricants designed for use when trying to conceive that are less likely to damage sperm. You can also choose a tea or supplement that is made to support reproductive health.