Battery packs

Battery packs are the perfect way to have plenty of batteries on-hand whenever you need them. You can buy battery packs as small as two batteries, or even over 16 or 24. Batteries come in several sizes for all types of electronic devices including A, AA, AAA, C and D household sizes.

Sets of batteries

Sets of batteries are great to have in the home or office, whether you need them for backup or to run a device. These battery packs can keep a flashlight running, your camcorder working, or be used in digital devices like cameras and keyboards. There are many different types of batteries you can buy in battery packs, from hearing aid batteries to double or triple-A batteries. Any of these should be kept nearby in case there is an emergency, and they are often kept in rescue kits.

Battery sets

Battery sets are ideal for those who want to stock up on batteries in the home. Large packs, like those with 16 or 24 batteries, are perfect for use in remotes, digital cameras, and other devices that use a lot of power. Flashlights, handheld radios, and other emergency equipment also runs on batteries, so having more than one set of battery packs is a good idea. Battery packs can prevent you from running out of power by making sure you always have a charged battery ready for any project or situation that arises. Battery packs can be rechargeable or a one-time charge, so it is important to decide which kind of battery you need.