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Body Scrub Brush

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Body Scrub Brush

If you like to look after your body so that you stay healthy and feel good every day, you will understand that your skin needs some pampering every now and then. With the right body scrub brush you can give your skin the attention it deserves to stay clean, revitalized and cared-for.

Cleansing and Massaging

While everybody likes a good soapy wash in the shower or a relaxing scented bath, nothing beats the luxurious feeling of working a body scrub brush over your whole body to thoroughly cleanse and massage your skin from head to toe.

Take time to care for your body by using the brush to work moisturizer or gentle soap into your skin to clean out your pores. With a good massage you will feel any residual stress or tension melt away as you relax.

Exfoliating with Body Scrub Brushes

Improve the health and appearance of your skin by using your body scrub brush to carefully exfoliate your skin. Gentle brushing with soft bristles can help remove dead skin cells, stimulating renewal. This option may be best for people with tolerant skin, as people with sensitive skin could find exfoliating brushes to be too harsh. Certain parts of the body are delicate and extra care should be taken when exfoliating.

Exfoliation with your body scrub brush can be done with the aid of a cleanser and water while in the bath or shower. Sometimes a good soak first can help to soften up the skin in preparation for exfoliating, especially when focusing on rough, thick patches of skin on the feet.

How to Shop for Body Scrub Brushes

To choose a body scrub brush, consider whether you need a small brush to fit in your hand or a long handle for reaching your back or your feet if you have trouble bending. Also look at the bristles and make sure they are soft enough to be gentle on your skin, or firm enough to deal effectively with tough areas like the heels and feet, restoring circulation and sloughing off dry skin cells.

Feel as relaxed and refreshed as if you've been to a beauty or health spa with the right body scrub brush.

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