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Breath Strips

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Breath strips

For fresh breath at any time, choose convenient, refreshing breath strips. Not only do these breath fresheners come in several flavors, but some can also kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. These small breath strips that dissolve on your tongue come in packages that easily fit into your pocket or purse. Avoid bad breath with breath freshening strips here at from Listerine.

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To help keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh, choose from a variety of toothpastes and other breath freshening products. Some toothpaste gels have mini breath strips in them to give you the same fresh tingle you get from original strips. You'll also find an array of toothbrushes and accessories including powered toothbrushes, replacement heads and toothbrushes for kids. Finish your oral hygiene routine with a power flosser to clean effectively between the teeth and a mouthwash that can help keep your whole mouth clean and healthy.

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