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Claw Clips

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Claw clips

Whether you have long or short hair, claw clips can help you keep it securely in place. There are large and small claw hair clips so whether you have thick or fine hair there's a size claw clip that can work for you. Choose the color, size and style hair clips that will work best with your hair type from brands such as Goody and Scunci.

Fun and functional

For practical purposes, claw clips keep your hair up and in place, but you can also have fun with them. You can use multiple small claw clips to hold your hair in place and use extra clips for decoration. Some claw clips are large enough to hold all of your hair back, depending on its thickness.

Keeping your hair in place

We carry many other hair accessories to help you make your style your own. There are jaw clips, barrettes and hair elastics to style with or to simply keep your hair out of your face. You can also find hair bands to keep your hair in place. Finish with a spritz of hair spray to make sure your style stays in place all day or night.

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