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Compact Tampons

Life can't stop once every month due to your menstrual cycle. You need to be able to continue your active lifestyle every day and that means finding the right menstrual protection to help you feel confident. If you're looking for menstrual protection that is comfortable and incredibly discreet, Walgreens can help you find the perfect solution with a selection of compact tampon products that are all available for convenient shipping to your home.

Discreet, Comfortable Protection

Tampons are a form of protection that is worn inside of the vagina and used to absorb menstrual flow. The tampon is a tube made out of cotton or other absorbent materials. Once inserted into the vagina it remains in place until you pull it out. Most tampons have a retrieval string to simplify this process. Many women prefer tampons over maxi pads because they find them more comfortable and more discreet. Tampons do not add bulk to undergarments and can even be worn while swimming. In addition, tampons do not bunch up and shift, so they may find them to be more reliable than maxi pads.

What Is a Compact Tampon?

A compact tampon is a special type of tampon that is reduced in size. The size reduction is typically achieved by making the applicator used to insert the tampon smaller or by eliminating the applicator from the design completely. Women who prefer compact tampons appreciate that the protection can fit easily into their hands, making trips to the bathroom for changes very discreet. Compact tampons also take up less space in a handbag or cosmetics bag, so that it is possible to carry more in the same amount of space. This can be very beneficial when you're traveling or when you'll be away from home for most of the day.

Choosing the Ideal Absorbency

As you compare compact tampons, you'll want to pay attention to the absorbency levels. Super absorbent tampons are designed for heavier flow and ideal for the first days of a menstrual period. Regular and light flow options are also available. Experts recommend that you choose the lowest absorbency level possible to manage menstrual flow without experiencing leaks.