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Complete Contact Solution

Cleaning your soft or hard contacts on a daily basis is of the utmost importance. When you clean, you help to remove bacteria that can linger on the surface of your lenses and that pose a risk for infections. You also remove pollen and other allergens that can irritate your eyes and protein and other materials that can build up on your contacts and make it difficult for you to see clearly. Traditionally, cleaning contacts involved the use of several different solutions and drops. One formula was required for removing surface debris and build-up from the contact. Another was needed to rinse away the cleaning product, and a third one was necessary for disinfecting the contact to ensure that it was sanitary. Using so many different products can quickly become expensive, which is why Abbott Laboratories offers an alternative to multi-product cleaning-Complete Contact Lens Solution. With Complete Contact Lens Solution, you can throw away all those extra bottles and use just one product for every step of your lens care regimen. It's the simpler way to take good care of your contacts and keep your eyes in good health.

A Complete Solution for Your Cleaning Routine

Complete Contact Lens Solution allows you to use the same product for dislodging, rinsing and disinfecting. The EasyRub feature of the solution makes it possible to effectively lift away all types of deposits without having to apply vigorous pressure that can tear or rip contacts. The cleaning power of the solution comes from Poloxamer 237, an ingredient that is highly effective at loosening particles while still very gentle to the eyes. After you have rubbed the lenses clean, squirt some of the Complete solution onto the contacts to rinse away dislodged particles. Then, fill up your case with the solution and allow your contacts to soak. While your contacts linger in the solution, antibacterial agents help to destroy bacteria and other microbes. In a clinical study, Complete solution was shown to fight up to 99.9 percent of bacteria that can accumulate on contact lenses. With the help of Complete Contact Lens Solution, your daily contact lens cleaning routine will be simpler while remaining effective. Ask your eye doctor if Complete is right for your needs.