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Cordless Computer Mice

Cut the cord connecting you to your computer for an increase in freedom of movement by using cordless computer mice. Cordless mice offer you the precision mouse control that you need when working with your computer without the physical tether created by a corded computer connection.

Choosing the best cordless mouse

Finding the best fit for you among the many cordless computer mice available will require a bit of searching on your part. There's a wide variety of choices available, with the variety extending far beyond just design styles. When looking for a cordless mouse, make certain that the one you choose is compatible with your computer's connectivity options. A USB mouse is the most prevalent type, and is compatible with most desktop and notebook systems. Some cordless mice are available with Bluetooth connections, but there are primarily for use with a mobile computing platform such as a notebook or tablet computer.

Cordless combo keyboards and mice

Getting rid of the cord doesn't have to stop with the cordless mouse alone. Many computer cordless mice manufacturers also produce cordless keyboards for use with the mouse as a complete cordless input solution. Cordless keyboards can be purchased separately or as a combination package, that includes both the cordless mouse and keyboard together. When purchasing a combination of cordless computer mice and keyboards, it's important to remain with the same manufacturer for both devices in order to ensure compatibility between the separate components.